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The Virtual API Workshop

Get it Now for $149.95
The Book Slides Workshop Exam

200 pages, 204 slides, 4+ hours of video

2nd edition with new videos and slides coming January 2021

Take advantage of this 4 hour workshop based on the book Undisturbed REST by author Michael Stowe. Topics include what is an API, API planning, modern techniques, using specification driven development, designing resources and responses, handling errors, API managament, versioning, and more.

More details and aspects of the virtual workshop coming soon (book, slides, and video currently available).

"Excellent API reference/starting point. I would recommend this text to someone starting out or struggling with API concepts and implementation."

- goodreads review

A complimentary copy of the first edition is available from MuleSoft.

Video also available with a Nomad PHP subscription.

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